Tuesday, August 08, 2017


I asked God, “How does a Pastor ask people who are already neighborly to be more neighborly? How does a Pastor ask compassionate people to be more compassionate?” God’s answer was beautiful. He said, “I only want to know that they are willing if I was to ask.”

Neighbors! Churches have neighbors and people in the church have neighbors. In the story of the Good Samaritan, Jesus talks about being a good neighbor. Actually, Jesus is referring to being neighborly to all people as if others are actually more important than we are.

You can find the story in Luke 10:25-37.

Jesus purposefully selected a Samaritan to be the hero of the story because His audience was Jewish. The Jews held the Samaritans in utter contempt. The Samaritans were looked down upon by the Jews as members of a corrupt race … a nation of half-breeds. The Samaritans were publicly cursed in the Jewish synagogues as heretics. There was no love lost between the two races. So, in our text, two pillars of the Jewish religious establishment, “A Priest and a Levite,” refused to help a man who had been, “attacked by robbers,” but the Samaritan, the one held in contempt by the Jews, was the one who proved himself to be a good neighbor aka neighborly as if others were more important than he was.

Church, neighborly people stand out in the midst of other brown cows. Self-righteous, arrogant and snobby people blend in like no other.

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