Thursday, June 08, 2017

Do not do likewise ...

In Exodus, where the plague on the livestock is described, you will find that the cattle that belonged to God’s people were left unharmed.

In fact, Pharaoh personally investigated their cattle to ascertain for himself if any were harmed and found that none were. At this point, Pharaoh, as a man, had to find himself in somewhat of a pickle. What do I mean? Well traditionally speaking, the Pharaoh was a legend in his own mind. The Pharaoh was seen as a god by his people and he had bought into all of the hype. Pharaoh wrote the song for Mac Davis that says, “It is hard to be humble when you are perfect in every way.” And Joe Namath was actually quoting the Pharaoh when he said, “I cannot wait until tomorrow, because I get better looking every day.”

As in love with himself as he was, Pharaoh had to feel like a failure as he walked among the healthy livestock of God’s people.

As in love with himself as he was, Pharaoh had to feel as if he had failed his people. However, the question that must be asked is this, “How did Pharaoh deal with his failure?” Verse 7 tells us that his heart was, “unyielding.” In other words, Pharaoh’s failure brought on the continuation of Pharaoh’s hardening heart. Pharaoh grew all the more callus. Pharaoh grew all the more stubborn. Pharaoh grew all the more pompous. Pharaoh grew all the more angry.

Pharaoh grew bitter instead of better.  May all of us not do likewise! 

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