Monday, April 10, 2017

Purple Cows ...

Folks, this morning, we as a church scattered out over several different cities.

The truth is, this week, we as a church will scatter out across a 30-mile radius. Like a stone out of a slingshot, God desires to unleash us into Benton, Bryant, Cabot, Alexander, Little Rock, Maumelle, Conway, North Little Rock, Lonoke and every other city that I have failed to mention. I am talking about turning on a proverbial light bulb in a room that is very, very dark. Each of us have a personal area of influence. If we will get down and dirty and raise across in the mall, in the marketplace and in the malt shop … if we will show people what it looks like to authentically follow Jesus … God will paint us purple in a world full of brown cows.

Now, when a church goes public with a numerical goal, that goal usually seems to be presented in a nice round number. For example, some churches might say, “Let us add 10% to our whatever by the end of the year.” Well I want to think outside of the box today. Will you think outside of the box with me?

As God blesses our attempt to store up for ourselves treasures in heaven, let us prayerfully desire to add .5% to our church family, but more importantly, to the kingdom, by the end of 2018. Say what? You heard me!

Now, many of you might be thinking, “.5% … That does not sound very impressive.”

Well, it can be! We all know that a church alive is worth the drive and within a 30-mile drive in all directions, there are roughly 657,291 people. .5% of that number is 3,286 people.

May I ask? What are we waiting for? We will never go out of business due to a lack of prospects. Can you imagine adding 3,286 people to the kingdom over the next year? Why not here? Why not us?

If you do not have a friend who does not know Jesus, then you need to make more friends and the good news is this: you have 657,291 people to choose from. Some might be thinking, well I have tried. Well, try again …

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