Friday, March 17, 2017


A doctor opened up a brand new office.

His receptionist told him that a man had come to see him. The doctor told her to send him in. Pretending to be busy, the doctor picked up the phone and pretended to be talking to someone! "Yes, that is right. The fee is $200. I will expect you here at 2pm tomorrow. Please be on time. I am a very busy man." The doctor hung up the phone and turned to the man who was waiting. "May I help you?" the doctor asked! "No," said the man, "I am just here to hook up your phone."

Pretending! Children love to pretend!

Robin Hood, Spiderman, Babe Ruth, Batman, Shrek, Cat Woman, Hanna Montana and The Tooth Fairy – you name it, and my kids have pretended to be it! Truthfully speaking, experts will tell you that it is very normal and very healthy for children to pretend, but a problem arises when children carry that childlike behavior into adulthood. When adults pretend, that is called hypocrisy!

Jesus was especially concerned about hypocrisy. He condemned it more vehemently and frequently than any other sin.

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