Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Peaches and Cream ...

As I see it, the Bible tells us that God purposefully directs us into three different kinds of storms: Storms of correction that awaken us and get our attention. Storms of perfection that build character in us, deepen our faith and make us more sensitive to the suffering and needs of others and storms of reproduction that cause others to want to imitate our response to difficult times.

Are you in the midst of a storm right now?
Good for you! Spiritual growth is right around the corner. Say what? You heard me! May I ask you a question? What is God trying to teach you as a result of your storm? If God has you in the midst of a storm today, could it be, that is exactly where He wants you to be? Are you experiencing difficult days? If you are, learn the lesson that God desires for you to learn and move on! You do not want to have to take the same test again.

Church, God wants us to enjoy life, but God is much more considered with our Holiness then He is our happiness.

I have not experienced much spiritual growth when life was all peaches and cream. However, I have grown immensely closer to God and hopefully more like God as I lived through the storm.

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