Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sanctified Anger!

Ephesians 4:26 is very clear, “In your anger do not sin…”

God would not tell us to not do something unless He was willing and able to empower us to not do it.

Anger, when controlled and channeled appropriately, can motivate us to do very good things. Yes! It is possible to be good and “do good” and still be angry at the same time. In fact, history gives us numerous examples of the positive results of good people getting angry over things worth getting angry about and then doing something good about the situation. It was good anger that motivated Lee Iacocca to “do good” and fix what was wrong with Chrysler. After his success with that corporation, Iacocca wrote, “Wonderful things can happen when Americans get mad.” I would say today that wonderful things can happen when Christians get mad and then act appropriately.

It is called Righteous Indignation or better yet, sanctified anger.

Folks, there are things worth becoming angry about and if those things are the same things that God gets anger about, then we must act as He did and does which is always appropriately and constructively with action aimed at a problem and not at a person.

Church, let us save our anger for stuff that really bothers God and not just stuff that only bothers us! When we are angered by stuff that only bothers us, in that scenario, sin rears its ugly head. However, God’s People get angry over gossip, slander, relational disharmony, self-centered living, an “I am always right and you are always wrong” mentality, meanness and cruelty, but along with that anger, God’s people do something about those issues and they do something in a sanctified way.

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