Thursday, March 03, 2016

Are we?

Back in the day, salt was important for survival.

Salt used to be, the only way to preserve meat. Obviously, there was no such thing as refrigeration when Jesus walked on the planet. Salt was used to slow down and hinder the process of decay. Now think about this. If Jesus was telling His followers back then that the world around them was in a state of decay which left it rotting and stinking, how much more in need are we today of some type of preservative?

Back in the day, if something like meat went bad, it was not the meats fault. It was the preservative’s fault. The preservative did not do its job.

Are we … the ones who are called to be the salt of the earth … doing our job? How much of society’s decay is due to our complacency and or lacksidasical mind set? Are we as potent as we ought to be?

Are we as “yeast” like as we ought to be?

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