Monday, February 29, 2016

The Huddle?

When I was in High School, I played football.

As a matter of fact, I played three different positions: end, guard and tackle. I sat at the end of the bench, guarded the water bucket and tackled anyone who went to get a drink.  I never stood in a huddle.  However, from what I gather, football teams love to huddle. The goal of the huddle is to call the play. In the huddle, teams get organized. In the huddle, the players find out where they are supposed to go and what they are supposed to do. A huddle is a necessary part of playing the game. However, screaming football fans do not pay good money to observe huddles. Screaming football fans buy a ticket to see their team in action.

I just wonder, is the church at large far too fired up about the huddle?

We here at LFCN realize the obvious importance of us huddling together, but we also see the importance of getting in the game and the results are obvious.

The results are so obvious that we are in need of a new comer’s celebration and lunch in order for our new folk and our lay leadership to become better acquainted. The truth is, I hope that we are forced to have a new comers celebration every other month because we are effectively breaking the huddle and with absolutely no shame, forming an envoy that takes the gospel into every nook and cranny of Angelina County.

Everybody ought to know who Jesus is.

What must we do to continue to live the life that Jesus describes in Matthew 5:13, where He says that we are to be, "… the salt of the earth…?”

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