Monday, February 22, 2016

Make God Smile!

Last Wednesday Morning, I was at Abeldt’s Pharmacy picking up two prescriptions for Ory.

As I prepared to leave, a senior adult black woman was begging for a help. A group surrounded her. Blacks, Hispanics and Caucasians looked on as she cried, but none of them felt inclined to be a blessing. All she wanted was a simple ride home. Well, of course, I was not going to allow her to walk home. I helped her into my car and I drove her to her house. As I drove, I reflected on what had just happened. I thought to myself, “That is why the church still has a place in our community. That is why the Pastor of the local church still has a place in our community. People must be reminded that humble service still has a place within society.” Anyone could have just walked away and most everyone did. However, I was nudged to serve her, as a humble servant of Jesus must. People looked at me as if I was nuts.

I think God looked at me and smiled.

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