Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Lack of Arrogance?

We have been talking much as of late, about how we as a church will become the church that God wants us to be.

God has given us an example to follow … a blue print if you will … and that example is found in Acts 2:42-47. Those verses highlight everyday habits, that when followed, will allow us a church to ultimately make a difference. Today, we focus in on verses 45 and 47 and how that very first church was a blessing to the people in their community. That very first church was employed. In other words, they kept busy about their work. Their attention was fully engaged on the task of being a blessing to the people of Jerusalem. The truth is this! They excelled at that task. If we desire to excel at that task, then we must keep busy about our work. We must stay fully engaged on the task of being a blessing to the people in Angelina County and beyond.

The ultimate example of being a blessing can be seen in the life of a man who came to be our perfect example.

I call Him my Lord and Savior today. What do you call him? As a perfect example, Jesus touched lepers! According to Old Testament law, touching a leper was a huge no-no. However, Matthew 8:2 says, "Suddenly, a man with leprosy approached Jesus." Jesus was approachable! Are you? Jesus did not intimidate people. Do you? Jesus attracted people. Do you? The holiness of Jesus did not scare people away because He was not holier-than-thou, He was just holy. His holiness was magnetic. Is yours? People wanted to be around Jesus. Do people want to be around you? The word, "crowd" is used 101 times in the gospels and guess who is in the center of each and every crowd.

You guessed it: Jesus.

So, Jesus healed the leper!

However, I do not think that the healing alone was that big of a deal. The big deal was how Jesus healed the man. Jesus did not merely say, "Be healed." Matthew 8:3 tells us that, "Jesus reached out His hand and touched the man." Who knows how long it had been since that leper had been touched by another human being.

Folks! This is where I am going.

Jesus was humble! He had no aspirations of living above anyone. Lepers, the blind, the maimed, the deaf, the diseased, the demon possessed, adulterers, tax collectors, prostitutes, and men and women from all races came to Him and He treated them the same. Jesus was humble and because He came to be our perfect example, we are to be humble as well.

I cannot think of a more powerful way to be a blessing in our community then through a definite lack of arrogance.

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