Thursday, January 21, 2016


I read a true story last week about a small town in Oklahoma.

There was one bank in town and three churches. Early, one Monday morning, the bank called all three churches with the same request, “Could you please bring in Sunday’s collection right away? We are out of one-dollar bills.” Now, three things concern me about that story. First of all, if people were giving only one-dollar bills as their tithe plus some, did that mean that those people were earning a salary of only $10 a week? THAT IS HIGHLY UNLIKELY! Most of our teenagers probably get more than that as their weekly allowance. Secondly, what must have been going through the minds of those bank tellers in regard to possibly knowing God’s call upon His people to tithe and be joyful and generous givers versus the reality of each church’s weekly offering and third, I wonder if dollar bills were given because there was no plan to give back to God first?

Is there any joy in that type of Christian stewardship? I am not sure that there is!

You see, when there is a first fruits plan, we come to church ready to joyfully and generously participate in the weekly offering knowing without any doubt that Michael Bolton is not our sole provider and that God is and we want our church family to know it.

At the end of the day, first fruits giving testifies that we are grateful for God’s provision. Are you grateful? Are you grateful?

To come empty handed and to give back to God without a first fruits plan shows disrespect and a lack of acknowledgement that God has blessed you. God deserves more reverence from us than merely giving back to Him whatever happens to be in our pockets on any given Sunday morning.

God deserves more than just our leftovers as if our weekly giving is a mere afterthought. 

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